Could Etc Be The Cheaper Alternative For Dapps

Is Ethereum Classic A Cheaper Alternative To Ethereum For Building Dapps

Ethereum was ,in principal ,an ingenious idea for making use of blockchain technology ,and most likely does steer towards the future for crypto currencies ,but the project was unfortunately rushed  ,leaving someone the opportunity to legally take millions of dollars worth of Ethereum from The DAO .

So what Is The DAO ?

Basically it`s a financial hub that lends Eth to new startup projects .The share holders or financial backers of The DAO then receive votes by way of a digital token ,which will then be used to determine the future of the organization and which of the proposed projects will be getting funded following a vote .

Unfortunately faith in the Ethereum project was weakened when the team behind the coin decided to hard fork ,stopping the withdrawal of the stolen funds ,completely disregarding the whole principal of the blockchain and in the process creating a new digital currency ,unforked and backed not by big money but by the very community that crypto was created for .

As things stand Etc has everything to offer that Eth has but it also has its integrity ,it`s immutabilty ,and is a fraction of the cost .Etc has some good people behind it ,with some ideas for the future and the new chain is only 2 weeks old .For now ,at least ,it looks like the plans for Etc are similar to the original plans for the Ethereum framework  but to crowdfund internal projects ,maybe utilising  Quirky ,a community led invention platform .

Innovators are applying these principles to a variety of online services that they believe could be built into a Dapp format .

What is a Dapp ?

A Decentralized Application is a piece of software consisting of a user interface (UI) and a decentralized backend ,making use of a blockchain and smart contracts .

Prospective investors can invest at a lower level of cost ,just by switching their funds to Etc but remaining on the Ethereum blockchain ,encouraging a larger community of small investors .

Eth Classic -The Future For All Crypto Currency