Could Eth Classic Be About To Hard Fork

Is Eth Classic Really About To Hard Fork ?

Unbelievably it seems that the Ethereum Classic team have gotten together and some how came to conclusion that committing the unthinkable ,the dreaded hard fork ,is the right the way to go for Etc . Well WOW is the best way I can describe my thoughts about this .Did they not remember all the commotion they themselves and the whole Ethereum Classic community created when Buterin and his team of banker investor chums took the same route with Ethereum to save the chaps from losing out ? How they preached about the immutable blockchain ? Or have they just not taken into account the fact that the majority of Eth Classic followers do so because of their pledge to keep to the ethics of a crypto currency “We believe in decentralized,censorship-resistant,permissionless,IMMUTABLE blockchains. We believe in the original vision of the Ethereum project .” what tosh .

Or could this be that this was the original plan behind Etc from the start ? To create as many bag holders as possible ,increasing their stake in Bitcoin ,and removing some of the small investors in Eth Classic from the crypto scene ?

Either way ,with or without the hard fork ,Etc has vulnerabilities that make it unsafe ,and a hard fork is against everything that Etc stands for ,so unfortunately it looks like the result will be the same ,Etc will be worthless and anyone selling out will need to come to terms with huge loses to any investments they have made in Eth Classic .Luckily my investments were small and only based on my principals for the immutable blockchain ,without that I will return to my investments in Bitcoin ,Litecoin and Peercoin ,where the real crypto investments lie .