ETC Potential To Be Tested In First Etc Hackathon

Eth Classic Potential To Be Tested In The First Etc Hackathon

An organization representing the Ethereum Classic community in China ,has organised the first ETC hackathon ,the event is to help to encourage more development of apps using the Eth Classic blockchain ,and will hopefully help to build real solutions  for world business problems and will be taking place between March 24-26 2017 at the China Financial Information Center in Shanghai .

DCG , a well known venture capital company who`s main focus is on the digital currency market .Ether Camp ,organizers of the biggest hackathon in the blockchain space with over1000 hackers taking part . CHBTC,China’s largest ETH exchange .Dianrong,a Chinese P2P lending platform founded by the lending club co-founder Soul Htite .Gingkoo ,who develops and offers software for asset securitization, payment and settlement, tax management, and financial reporting ,are said to be sponsoring the event .

The hackathon has already registered more than 20 developer teams and hope is there will be more than 100 attendees turn up at the Ethereum Classic Hackathon Event ,and the winner will receive a 10 day trip to the UK to work with their teams with flight tickets ,accommodation ,and partial subsistence paid for. Lets hope if the winner is from the UK they get a trip to Shanghai .