ETC Value Is On The Rise ,But Will It Last

Well after what was expected in the community to be a big weekend of huge dumping of Eth Classic ,it now seems like theres more likely to be a real upturn in the fortunes for the ETH Classic faithful .

It was expected ,earlier in the week ,that with so many free etc coins floating around on exchanges after the hard fork ,that most people would sell them off at the first chance they could ,or least a big part of their free ETC and cash in on the rare chance to get a little free BTC ,and no one can blame them for that ,and after hearing the distant echo of “oh free money” for the few days ,it now looks like alot of the Ethereum investors may just of kept hold of some the free ethereum classic coins that were handed out ,.It can already be seen that any identical replica of Ethereum itself ,but at a fraction of the cost has to be worth holding on to. . And with the price holding fairly strong considering that all the odds are stacked against it .Its unlikely that ETC will go to the kind of heights Ethereum has seen of late ,but its definitely expected to be a big weekend coming up ,and I ,for one ,will be trying to increase my stake in ETC over the coming days and weeks .