Eth And Etc blockchain stats

Compare Eth & Etc blockchain state

If you were thinking of mining Etc and want to know which one of the two would be the more profitable to save you from wandering how to compare the blockchains of Eth or Etc (aka Eth Classic ),this is the place to go and see the difficulty levels and block rewards .

So how does a blockchain actually work in laymans terms ?

Each transaction is composed of three pieces of information

Who many coins to spend ,the recipient`s address ,and a signature of that transaction .
Every wallet is connected to all of the other stake holders in that network .The wallet will pass the transaction to each and everyone of those stake holders via their own wallet .Within a matter of seconds ,every participant in that network will have received notification of that transaction .When any transaction is submitted to the network ,it will be passed on peer to peer to every client on the network ,if a member of the network is offline or a new stake holder joins the network these people will record a notification of that transaction . When miners discover the transaction they will also put it on the list of transactions that they will verify and then update the Merkle Root .You can find an extensive explanation of the workings of the blockchain StackExchange