Ethereum Foundation Stoop To New Lows To Damage Eth Classic

Another day another twist in the Eth/Etc saga

The Ethereum Foundation ,a few un-savvy investors and their cronies seem hell bent on inventing new horror stories to try to sink Eth Classic nearly every day lately ,and when that has no effect they resort to heavy dumping of their ill gotten gains on the Etc market place ,to the fake 51% attack ,and have even enrolled Coindesk to now help to spread the propaganda .Coindesk are quite heavily involved in ETH by the look of their bias opinion towards Etc and they call for the painless death of Eth Classic .

The more they fight the more they show The Ethereum Foundation for their manipulating ,money grabbing attitude towards a community they obviously know nothing about .Their lack of knowledge for not only the blockchain buts its obvious disgust towards the crypto community .

Eth itself is barely hanging on to dear life at around $11 ,nearly half the estimate the foundation promised to its backers ,and this is mostly due to the Etc community keeping its promise to sink Eth and everything it stands for .With new backers and devs joining Etc by the day and principals being more the important than cash to many ,it will be hard for The Ethereum Foundation to tackle something they seemingly know nothing about ,honesty and integrity .

Coindesk should be careful which side of the fence they reside ,as years of good will and good publicity for Bitcoin and other alt coins could all be ruined for a fist full of dollars .