Microsoft Host Ethereum Classic London Meet Up

It really seems a long time coming since the last piece of good news for Eth Classic fans and investors alike .The last few weeks have seen very little happening in ways of development from the Ethereum Classic community and the market has been equally depressing ,seeing prices fall quicker than Buterins principals .But it seems behind the scenes quite a lot has been happening before the next Meet Up on september 23rd and somehow some big names have been drawn into the community .The event itself is being hosted my Microsoft at the Microsoft HQ in Paddington and you can find directions to their location on their website here .

Not only that but the one and only Charles Hoskinson ,who is one of the original developers of Ethereum .He is now rumoured to be a strong supporter of Etc ,and will be at the Meet Up in London this week .It`s thought Charles will talk about both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic ,and giving insights to what his company will be doing to further the Eth Classic cause .

In an article on CoinDesk ,Hoskinson stated that he believes the response to the DAO exploit by the Ethereum development community should have shown more restraint in the immediate aftermath .He also claimed “A better path ,would have involved working actively with stakeholders ,exchange operators and the other members of the Ethereum community to jointly develop a solution to be presented in a concerted effort .” and we have all seen how easy it is to track these transactions when necessary with the amusing efforts of the WHG trying their hardest to cover the trail of the missing millions with little success .

After the disappointment of Iphone deciding to reject an App created by JAXX that enabled Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic payments last month this is a much needed boost for Etc fans