Serpent For Ethereum Classic Smart Contracts

So what is Serpent and how can it be put to use creating smart contracts using the Ethereum blockchain ?

Serpent is a Python based language that can be used by novices and seasoned web developers alike and it couldn`t be a more perfect choice as an Ethereum Classic smart contract language .

To install Serpent will you first need to install Python and pip . If your new to Python and haven`t installed it previously it would be best to get started with Python 2.7.9 , and pip is included by default with the Python binary installers .

After installing the necessary components you can test Python by adding this

pip install ethereum-serpent 

You will then need to add another plug in to Python package with the following command

pip install ethereum

Remember before you get started that deploying any smart contract will require a balance of Ethereum Classic .Deployment will also require access to an Etc node. To set up a node, I would recommend using the Parity implementation method .The set up itself will easily take a few hours to download the Ethereum Classic blockchain and it will need 7 gigabytes of storage ,so keep this in mind .Parity is able to even deal with interruptions like turning your computer off and yo will only need to restart Parity in the event of an interruption and it should carry on where it left off .

Now you have your own Ethereum Classic node up and running .All thats left to do is begin making your own smart contracts ,and if your looking for inspiration here`s a great article on Blockchain Technologies The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Blockchain Smart Contracts