The Battle Between Eth And Etc

As the battle between Eth and Etc heats up so does the rivalry between the two different camps and the more interesting things become ,although The Ethereum Foundation will support the updated ,or hard forked version of Ethereum ,at the same time not hindering the development of Ethereum Classic ,the original chain .Vitalik stated on the official Ethereum blog “we recognize that the Ethereum code can be used to instantiate other blockchains with the same consensus rules, including testnets, consortium and private chains, clones and spinoffs, and have never been opposed to such instantiations as stated “.

Although there are unanswered questions as to who will be allowed to develop any updates to Eth Classic ,if the time arises that it`s necessary to find new protocol core developers and will it to seen as safe to allow new people to work with the code .

It`s quite amusing how there is a new twist everyday with the Ethereum blockchain and this is before the inevitable fork when Eth goes Pos (Proof Of Stake)sometime in the near future ,possibly creating yet another currency on the chain .

At the moment Etc is looking like its going to be a round for while and with currently around 10% of the market cap of Eth already .It does look like the two will just take it in turns at pumping for a while yet as one dev team secretly attacks ,and profits ,from the other ,but thats also rich pickings for the day trader .

You can keep an eye on both Ethereum blockchains here including hash rates ,prices ,difficulty ,it`s a pretty cool site for all thing Ethereum .