Will A Partnership with ChainSafe and OpenRelay Protect Eth Classic Blockchain

Ethereum Classic Labs has partnered with ChainSafe and OpenRelay in the hope of increasing its blockchain defense against more 51% attacks. OpenRelay,who seem cant even add an ssl certificate to their website are the team behind Rivet,a leading provider of web3 infrastructure that delivers high-performance blockchain tooling to the Ethereum Classic developer ecosystem.

The purpose of  Ethereum Classic Labs is to build relevant, accessible, and high-quality technology, and to use that technology to create communities of value in a mature and regulated ecosystem. Eth Classic Labs plans on making a change too several aspects of its mining protocol. Most notably, this could involve moving to a new algorithm such as Keccak-256, SHA-3, or Monero’s RandomX. The Ethereum Classic team first announced plans to change its mining algorithm in August via Medium, and it reaffirmed those plans on Twitter earlier September.

For now,at least ,the blockchain is operating normaly. The major miners unintentionally mining the incorrect chain are migrating to Core Geth as well as other Eth Classic service providers.