Will The Downfall Of Dash Benefit Ethereum Classic

A new IPhone App enables Bitcoin payments, As Etc replaces Dash on Jaxx

Well this is the good news us Eth Classic bag holders have been waiting for .With the announcement of Ethereum Classic getting added to Jaxx ,while at the same time it was requested that Dash should be removed from the App .Dash investors will be disappointed ,and many out of pocket ,as it seems Apple is only allowing certain virtual currencies they deem acceptable for the time being .Hopefully the new updated version of Jaxx will be approved with Etc integration and this should be in the next few days .

After Apple had announced that Ethereum was not an “approved virtual currency under Apple’s guidelines – and thus no apps that facilitated transmission of ETH between parties could be green-lighted for the iOS App Store at this time”.

If Eth Classic is accepted by Apple we could easily see a race to $5  within weeks .Ethereum Classic is the 6th highest crypto currency market cap in the industry at the moment valued at $124 million , and would be available on seven of the nine platforms Jaxx supports ,pending approval on the iOS App Store .

Could this be the turning point for Ethereum Classic ?