Will We See Etc Eth Parity In 2017

Ethereum Classic And Ethereum Parity Possible ?

Rumours are growing that Eth Classic is well placed and ready to make a move for parity with Ethereum and it looks set for the first quarter of 2017 .

Some market observers are predicting that Etc’s market cap will surpass Eth’s some time during 2017 and looking by the down turn in Ethereums popularity after hard fork after hard fork ,it`ll likely be sooner ,rather than later .

Arthur Hayes ,who is one of the founders of crypto trading platform BitMEX ,recently stated “The Chinese community is not happy about the direction that Ethereum has taken under Vitalik leadership .Mostly due to DAO bail-out . ” he also added that the planned pump of Etc would be their retribution .

After recent rises of over 35% in price ,this week alone ,and a huge jump in hash rate ,may also be the showing signals of greater things to come .

Currently Ethereum Classics market cap stands at around $94m ,which is already pretty impressive ,but it is still under 15% of Ethereums market cap ,standing at at well over $680m ,and the smart money is betting they will meet somewhere in the middle at around $5-$5.50 .

So there is obviously still a long way to go ,but as the faith in the Ethereum team declines ,and the new reality that Zcash is a total scam ,investors and miners alike will be looking to more trust worthy currencies to invest in .

Positive things are definitely on the horizon for the whole Ethereum Classic community .