Yet Another Short Term Fix For ETC

Oh what a MESS ethereum classic finds itself in .

Eth Classic Labs and the Eth Classic community have worked tirelessly to find an answer that prevents any chance of more 51% attacks and Modified Exponential Subjective Scoring ,or Mess, was introduced to the Ethereum Classic community.

Several 51% attacks have recently left Eth Classic at a crossroads, meaning the very survival of the etc blockchain at the least uncertain. During the next few weeks the community worked to evaluate numerous potential solutions.

The first to be implemented is MESS, and was a proposal that was suggested originally by Vitalik Buterin way back in 2014. Basically the idea behind is that while small chain re-organisations that may go back a few blocks are seen to be a perfectly normal activity , the re-organisations of going back hundreds and even thousands of blocks are thought to be of a much more suspicious nature behind them.

MESS  will  add a score requirement for any parallel re-organisation incoming to the network. That means that any nodes present on the network can see an incoming re-organisation and then be able to then compare it to the present chain starting from the point of the split, and then make a demand for an additional quantity of work to be completed for the incoming reorganisation of the chain. The score fee is fairly small for first blocks of the re-organisation but slowly increases as more blocks are added to the re-organisation.